Our Fares and Fees

We want you to get the best deal when you book your flight with Skyward Express. Learn what’s included in the price so you select the fare that best meets your travel needs.

There are various classes of fares available at Skyward Express, the best fares shall always be available during online booking. The fare classes shall have terms and conditions which shall be clearly outlined on the ticket.

All fees are per passenger in KES/USD, plus applicable local taxes and subject to availability. Fees processed online or through the Call Centre will be charged in booking currency. Fees processed at the airport will be charged in local currency

Schedules, Delays, Cancellation of Flights

The flight times shown in timetables may change between the date of publication and the date you actually travel. We do not guarantee them to you and they do not form part of your contract with us

Before we accept your booking, we will notify you of the scheduled flight time in effect as of that time, and it will be shown on your Ticket. It is possible we may need to change the scheduled flight time subsequent to issuance of your Ticket. If you provide us with contact information, we will endeavor to notify you of any such changes. If, after you purchase your Ticket, we make a significant change to the scheduled flight time, which is not acceptable to you, and we are unable to book you on an alternate flight which is acceptable to you, you will be entitled to a refund in accordance with our stipulated refund policy

Open Ticket Policy

Once a ticket has been confirmed for travel and the passenger wishes to put on hold his/her travel plans as initially booked, the reservation will be cancelled and the ticket will be put on open status. The open ticket process is as follows:

  • Communication of an open ticket should be done at least 12hours prior to the scheduled departure time by contacting Skyward Express reservation office via email reservations@skywardexpress.co.ke or by contacting the travel agent if it was not a direct booking.
  • An open ticket is valid for 3 months from the service date and hence should be utilized before its expiry.
  • On the next utilization of the ticket, it will be subject to our standard amendment fee of USD20 for change of travel date .Additionally, a fare difference will apply if the initial fare class paid for is not available on the preferred flight.
  • Open tickets are not transferrable and if need be, an additional penalty will be charged Of USD. 30 to cater for the name change process.
  • If the passenger wishes to re-route the ticket to a new route different from the initially booked, an additional re-routing fee will be applied of USD35.

Flight Cancellation Policy

Tickets once issued and confirmed for travel, will be subjected to a cancellation penalty of USD25 per passenger and this will only be applied if the fare rules governing the fare class bought does allow a refund.
Ticket cancellation should be done not less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the booked flight and if not done so, the ticket can only qualify for an open ticket status hence non-refundable.

No Shows

Failure to board the flight without prior cancellation shall be non-refundable on ALL fare classes.

Change of Reservation

No free change allowed once a ticket is issued and the amendments should be done not less than 12 hours to the scheduled flight departure time. Charges applied on various ticket amendments

Date Change / Flight time change

A standard fee of USD. 20 will be applied per passenger and a fare difference if the initial booked fare class is not available on the preferred flight

Name Change

A standard fee of USD. 30 will be applied per passenger.


A standard fee of USD. 35 will be applied per passenger exclusive of fare difference on the route change