Skyward Express has implemented a well-designed Safety Management System. The core functional components of the improved Skyward Express SMS are:
  • Safety Policy
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Promotion

Safety Policy

The Skyward Express Safety Policy establishes senior management’s commitment to continually improve safety; defines the methods, processes, and organizational structure needed to meet safety goals

Safety Risk Management (SRM)

Safety Risk Management determines the need for, and adequacy of, new or revised risk controls based on the assessment of acceptable risk.

Safety Assurance (SA)

Safety Assurance (SA) evaluates the continued effectiveness of implemented risk control strategies and supports the identification of new hazards. The SMS process functions in a manner that systematically provides confidence that organizational outputs are meeting or are exceeding safety requirements.

Safety Promotion

Safety Promotion Includes training, communication, and other actions to create a positive safety culture within all levels of the workforce within Skyward Express. Everyone has a role in promoting safety within the company.Safety Training.

It is Skyward Express firmly believes that Safety training makes all personnel aware of situations and matters that pose a risk to flight safety by allowing them to easily identify hazards and their associated risks within their areas of operation. Once trained, personnel can then easily alert the Safety Department to identify hazards, thus allowing the department to effectively mitigate and manage the risk/s associated with the hazard.

The ultimate aim of the training is to make all Skyward Express personnel safety aware and to engender a positive safety culture within the organisation, which will translate into a safer operation company-wide.