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Cheap flights from Nairobi to Eldoret

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Eldoret is the beating heart of Uasin Gishu County and lies south of Cherangani hills. Formerly known as 'Farm 64' Eldoret derives its name from the Maasai word 'eldore' which means stony river. Perched along the former Rift Valley province‚ Eldoret boasts as the unrivalled home of champions. Eldoret positions itself as the unrivalled home of champions is not just great for athletes but also perfect for making the most of the spectacular wildlife and scenery in the area.

Tourism attraction in the County include; Natural Forest‚ Scenic Beauty‚ Sports Tourism‚ Cultural Tourism and Eco-Tourism with popular sites being; Rimoi National park‚Kerio Valley National Reserve‚ Ngala Falls and Naiberi Campsite.

Skyward Express offers cheap daily flights from Wilson Airport to Eldoret International Airport and back every day of the week.

Things to Do in Eldoret

  • Day 1

    Run with champion marathoners at Kapsait Nike Training Camp

    This is one of the best training camps in this region. It has a good athlete’s complex‚ training start as early as and the training continues till late in the evening‚ very excellent tutors at the camp. The training fee is not that much. The best time to visit this place is around midday.

  • Day 2

    Stay at Naiberi River Campsite and Resort

    Naiberi River Campsite is one of the best camping sites and resort in Eldoret. With a wide array of accommodation options ranging from camping‚ dorms‚ log cabins and executive rooms‚ Naiberi offers tranquility and serenity you can’t find anywhere else. The rooms are all made of stone including the bathrooms and the amenities. The underground stone cave bar and restaurant is the highlight of the night with a bonfire in the center. The place is also ideal for team building‚ fishing‚ exploring Sirikwa holes and conferencing.

  • Day 3

    Visit Chepkiit Falls

    Chepkiit falls is located just 25 kilometres from Eldoret town‚ to the North East. The word Chepkiit loosely translates to "view from above" and is also known as “Mlango falls”. Over the years‚ the falls have become a major attraction site in the Nandi County. They are best viewed during the dry season as opposed to the rainy season which is more spectacular but risky. The Chepkiit name serves as a warning to view the waterfalls from a far. The place is deal for picnics‚ camping‚ weddings‚ and educational tours.

  • Day 4

    Explore Mt. Elgon National Park

    Mt. Elgon National park is 169 kilometers wide and has over 5 caves with Kitum cave being the largest covering over 160 meters. This is where elephants come to mine salt which they don’t find in their forest due to the large amounts of rainfall in the area that causes leaching in the crops. Using their tasks‚ they dig in the caves in search of salt to supplement their lack of minerals. You start spotting animals as soon as you enter the gate.

  • Day 5

    Go fishing and boat riding at Kesses Dam

    Located in Uasin Gishu County‚ Kesses dam is a “must see” tourist attraction site. The man-made dam serves as a water supply point for Moi University. It is ideal for boat rides‚ fishing and swimming.

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