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REF: DGM /DGR Policy

Rev 00

Issue : 01

Date:12 May 2021


Baggage Restrictions. 

Please ensure that you do not pack items specified in this list in your carry-on or checked baggage.

Prohibited Items

For the safety of our passengers and aircraft‚ passengers are prohibited from carrying the following items in either checked or hand baggage:

  1. Explosives‚ munitions‚ fireworks‚ and flares
  2. Security-type cases/boxes incorporating goods such as lithium batteries or pyrotechnics
  3. Compressed gases (flammable‚ non-flammable‚ or poisonous) such as butane‚ propane‚ aqualung cylinders‚ lighter fuels‚ or refills
  4. Oxidizing substances such as bleaching powder and peroxides
  5. Flammable liquids such as paints and adhesives
  6. Disabling devices such as mace or pepper sprays‚ with irritant properties
  7. Poisons such as arsenic‚ cyanides‚ or insecticides
  8. Radioactive materials
  9. Corrosive materials such as mercury (which may be contained in thermometers or blood pressure gauges‚) acids‚ alkalis‚ and wet cell batteries
  10. Any other substances which‚ during a flight‚ present a danger not covered above‚ such as magnetized‚ offensive‚ or irritating materials
  11. Lighters (butane‚ absorbed fuel‚ electric‚ battery-powered‚ and novelty lighters) are not to be carried on the person‚ or in the carry-on and checked baggage.
  12. Oxygen generators (Chemical)‚ containing one or more chemicals which‚ when activated‚ produce heat to generate oxygen by chemical reaction.

Restricted Items:

In addition‚ passengers are not allowed to carry the following items in their hand baggage for passengers’ safety and security reasons. To minimize inconvenience‚ you are advised to check in or put these items in your checked baggage instead:

  1. Knives (including hunting knives‚ swords‚ and pocket knives)
  2. Scissors and any other sharp/bladed objects (e.g. ice-pick‚ nail clippers) considered illegal by local law
  3. Weapons such as whips‚ baton‚ or stun gun
  4. Toys guns/gun shaped items or look-alikes‚ hand-cuffs
  5. Sporting equipment such as baseball/cricket bats‚ golf clubs‚ hockey sticks‚ billiard cues
  6. Aerosols (hair sprays‚ perfumes‚ medicines containing alcohol) not exceeding 0.5KG/L per article and 2.0KG/L in total weight
  7. Any other items which are deemed security hazards by Kenyan Law/Local law
  8. Alcoholic beverages‚ when in retail packaging‚ containing more than 24% but not more than 70% alcohol by volume‚ in receptacles not exceeding 5 L‚ with a total net quantity per person of 5 L.
  9. Hair curlers containing hydrocarbon gas. Up to one (1) per passenger or crew-member‚ provided that the safety cover is securely fitted over the heating element. These must not be used on board the aircraft at any time. Gas refills are NOT permitted for carriage.
  10. Workmen’s tools – tools capable of being used either to cause serious injury or to threaten the safety of aircraft‚ including: crowbars‚ drills and drill bits‚ including cordless portable power drills‚ tools with a blade or a shaft of more than 6 cm capable of use as a weapon‚ such as screwdrivers and chisels‚ saws‚ including cordless portable power saws‚ blowtorches‚ bolt guns and nail guns;
  11. Mobility aids (e.g. wheelchairs) powered by lithium ion batteries‚ for use by passengers whose mobility is restricted by either a disability‚ their health or age‚ or a temporary mobility problem (e.g. broken leg) shall be loaded in the baggage hold. The battery shall be disconnected and the wheelchairs collapsed before being loaded. 
  12. Please note that these items listed above may be retrieved at the boarding gate by the local authorities and depending on local conditions‚ the items may not be returned to you.