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Expectant Mothers


Pregnant women

Booking a flight for your infant/child

1. Infants (7 days to 2Years)

Infants must be 7 days or older to travel on a Skyward flight. You must have a medical clearance certificate issued by a physician to present at Check-In for any infant less than 7 days old.

Skyward Express can accommodate a maximum of 5 infants per flight. If you are travelling with an infant under the age of 2‚ you can choose between two options:

  • Purchase a paid seat

You can pay a full fare and have your infant travel in an approved car seat which fits into the aircraft seat securely.

This reservation cannot be booked online‚ so contact us at +254 709 786 000 and we'll be pleased to help you

  • Travel with the infant seated in your lap

A lap-held infant is subjected to a base fare minus taxes as per below:

  • Mombasa‚ Malindi‚ Eldoret & Ukunda route is charged at Kes. 1‚200/-
  • Lodwar & Lamu route is charged at Kes. 1‚500/-

Only one lap-held infant is permitted for each ticketed adult.

Seats cannot be reserved for lap-held infants.

Checked baggage allowances do not apply for the infant.

An infant bag shall be considered as an additional standard baggage

2. Children (2 to 11 years old)

All children over 2 years old and younger than 12 years old are required to have purchased seat of 75% of the adult fare + taxes and must be accompanied by an adult.

If you are planning on having your child travel alone‚ please learn about Skyward Express unaccompanied minor policies.

Unaccompanied Minor is the term used for a passenger between the ages of 5 - 12 years‚ travelling alone. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 years of age will be accepted to travel provided a responsible adult escorts the child at both airport of departure and arrival.

The responsible adult should present the child at check-in and complete declaration form prior form to remaining with the child for as long as possible before proceeding to boarding. The responsible adult shall be requested to remain at the airport until the aircraft is airborne.

3. Expectant and New Mothers

Expectant mothers between 29 to 38 weeks pregnant‚ must present a doctor’s note issued within 48 hours of your departure flight in order to fly. If you are more than 38 weeks along‚ you will not be able to fly with us.




Uncomplicated Single or Multiple Pregnancy - 27 weeks and earlier

No assessment certificate is required. However‚ an assessment certificate from your doctor must be presented for your return flight if it is scheduled beyond the 28th week of your pregnancy


Uncomplicated Single (28 to 35 weeks) or Uncomplicated Multiple pregnancy (28 to 32 weeks)

Letter from the doctor required declaring the passenger fit to travel by air.

Passenger  shall  be  required  to  fill  Skyward Express Medical Declaration form.


Complicated pregnancy - 0 to 35 weeks

Doctor’s approval required declaring the passenger fit to travel by air.

Passenger  shall  be  required  to  fill  Skyward  Express Medical Declaration form.


Miscarriage  with active bleeding (Threatened or complete) -   0 to 36 weeks

Doctor’s   approval   certificate   required   declaring   the passenger fit to air

Passenger  shall  be  required  to  fill  Skyward  Express Medical Declaration form.


Complicated or Uncomplicated pregnancy at 36 weeks

No acceptance for air travel


New Mothers –Within 7 days after birth.

Doctor’s   approval   certificate   required   declaring   the passenger fit to air

Passenger  shall  be  required  to  fill  Skyward  Express Medical Declaration form.  


New Moms

New born babies are NOT allowed to travel in pressurized cabins until 7 days after their birth.

Breast pumps are permitted as carry-on baggage and are exempt from carry-on restrictions.
Please note that Skyward Express does not have inflight electrical outlets.