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Infants not occupying a seat can also carry 1 piece of hand baggage and a fully
collapsible stroller. 
If your luggage is overweight‚ you will be charged Ksh.350 per kg but a maximum of 32Kgs per bag.

You must be able to activate any electronic devices (e.g. cd players‚ laptops‚ video cameras)
at the security checkpoint. If you are unable to do so‚ you must pack these items in your
checked baggage.
1. Cellular telephones cannot be used at any time during the flight. All cellular
telephones must be switched off.
2. Devices that are permitted on board are: voice recorders‚ calculators‚ laptop
computers‚ hand held CD players‚ hand-held electronic devices‚ computer games
and photographic equipment.


In addition‚ passengers are not allowed to carry the following items in their hand baggage
for passengers’ safety and security reasons. To minimize inconvenience‚ you are advised to
check in or put these items in your checked baggage instead:
3. Knives (including hunting knives‚ swords‚ and pocket knives)
4. Scissors and any other sharp/bladed objects (e.g. ice-pick‚ nail clippers) 
5. Weapons such as whips‚ baton‚ or stun gun
6.Toys guns/gun shaped items or look-alikes‚ hand-cuffs
7. Sporting equipment such as baseball/cricket bats‚ golf clubs‚ hockey sticks‚ billiard
8. Devices with spillable batteries
9. Aerosols (hair sprays‚ perfumes‚ medicines containing alcohol) not exceeding 100ml
10. Baby strollers
11. Any other items which are deemed security hazards by local law
12. Any other items that resemble or have similar functions to the above items
Please note that these items will be retrieved at the boarding gate.
Examples of personal items permitted in carry-on baggage include:
13. Electronic equipment such as cell phones‚ portable music players‚ laptops
14. Non-metallic nail files
15. Syringes or needles for personal medical use with needle guard in place. These have
to be accompanied by the medication in its original labeled container.

For health and safety reasons‚ we can't bring items on board if they are:

  • Likely to endanger the aircraft‚ persons or property
  • Likely to be damaged during transportation by air
  • Unsuitably packed items
  •  Forbidden by any applicable laws‚ regulations or orders of any state to be flown from‚ into or over
  • Not suitable for carriage because of its weight‚ size or any other unusual characteristics
  • Likely to cause discomfort or disgust to those on board
  • Firearms‚ ammunition and explosives including weapons of hunting or sporting purposes
  • Any items or substance that looks like a firearm‚ ammunition or explosive
  • Flammable substance (except: alcoholic beverages‚ hair spray‚ perfume‚ cologne)
  • Radioactive materials
  • Condensed gas (except: CO2 used for moving artificial limbs; containers of inflammable gas used for self-inflating lifejackets);
  • Poisonous or infectious substances
  • Corrosives (except: mercury in thermometers‚ barometers and in wheelchair batteries)
  • Briefcases and security type attaché cases with built-in alarm devices‚ lithium batteries orpyrotechnical material
  • Items and materials that endanger safety‚ property‚ life‚ health and bodily integrity of thoseon board
  • Any material that is forbidden under the rules and regulations of the countries affected bythe carriage
  • Any item that is not suitable for carriage because of its weight‚ size or any othercharacteristics
  • Remains of human bodies
  • Any glue or paint
  • Any items specified in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical

Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the International Air
Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations
If you've packed any of these items‚ we may not be able to check in your baggage. If you still have
questions‚ just ask us before you pack!
It is the passenger’s responsibility to respond to all requests from security authorities if required. If a
piece of baggage is not transported because the passenger failed to fulfil requests from security‚
Skyward will not be held responsible for any associated cost.

Transport your sporting equipment with Skyward for an additional fee. The following items can be

  • Golf bags packed in a pouch.
  • Bicycles packed in a bicycle travel case with the wheels and pedals removed and handlebars turned parallel or packed in cardboard‚ provided that the tyres are deflated
  • Diving equipment with empty diving cylinders‚ removed power source or bulb switches secured in the "off" position.
  • Fishing Equipment

Please note that we cannot provide packaging material. Make sure you pack your sporting
equipment in accordance with the above-mentioned requirements. If it is not properly packaged‚ we
won’t be able to transport it.