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Destination lodwar

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Located west of Lake Turkana‚ Lodwar is the capital and by far the biggest settlement of Turkana County and stretches both sides of Turkwell River.The region contains one of the most exciting and compete findings of evolution in the world‚ thus giving rise to the name 'The Cradle of Man'.

Discovery of fossils‚ both flora and fauna that date back to over 27 million years have made the area a very important paleontology site.In 2007‚ Richard Leakey‚ Kenya's famous archeologist established the Turkana Basin Institute‚ a research facility that focuses on human prehistory and fossil excavation. Lodwar is located near Lake Turkana which is both‚ the world's largest permanent desert lake and alkaline lake.

Attractions in the area include: L.Turkana‚ Eliye Springs‚ Kalokol‚ Ferguson Bay‚ Central Island National Park‚ Namorutunga Standing Stones‚ Lobolo swamps‚ Nariokotome‚ Mlangoni Gorge‚ Lokitaung‚ Turkell River.

Things to Do in Lodwar

  • Day 1

    Hike at the hills in Lodwar

    Get to climb one of the many hills and enjoy an uninterrupted view of Lodwar town and its environs. As you get to the hill close to the catholic mission‚ a colossus of a statue‚ Turkana’s rendition of the famous Rio’s Christo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) beckons you. The hike to the top is a relatively easy gentle ascent with staircases leading to the top.

  • Day 2

    Visit Eliye Springs

    Eliye Springs is probably the best base to enjoy and explore Lake Turkana. With its expansive stretches of deserted sandy beaches‚ fringed by palm groves‚ and lapped by the warm waters of Lake Turkana. Once you are there‚ get to unwind‚ chill and swim in the inviting waters of Lake Turkana which are believed to have remedial properties. Savor the beautiful views of the lake including the gorgeous sunrises‚ sunsets and night sky. Spend the night under the sky‚ transformed into a vast canvas of indigo‚ blue‚ purple and black hues resplendent with stars and shooting stars. Nothing connects you to the earth more than whiling away on the beach stargazing under a constellation of stars. There is fresh fish from the lake‚ chicken and goat meat readily available. The atmosphere is excellent with and ambiance and sheer remoteness that no doubt gives this place its charm.

  • Day 3

    Namoratunga Standing Stones

    The dancing Stones of Namoratunga are undoubtedly one of East Africa’s most intriguing archaeological sites. Located approximately 15km southwest of Kalokol‚ the site‚ consisting of a small cluster of cylindrical stones is believed by some to have functioned as an ancient kind of stellar observatory. To the Turkana people Namorutunga is a sacred place. The pillars are a spiritual focus and the scene of a major annual gathering of Turkana clans.

  • Day 4

    Visit Central Island

    Central Island is one of the gazetted national parks in the region. The island is famous for its unique volcanic landscape and teeming bird life‚ home to hundreds of species of birds native to Kenya and also an important flyway passage and stopover for migrant birds from northern Asia and Europe. The birds are essentially supported by plankton masses in the lake‚ which also feed the fish. A total of 84 water bird species‚ including 34 migrants‚ have been recorded here‚ huge colonies of nesting egrets‚ storks‚ cormorants as well as a crater lake which is home to tens of thousands of flamingos. The island has three crater lakes‚ Flamingo Lake‚ Tilapia Lake and Crocodile Lake (reputed to have the highest density of crocodiles in the world). Depending on weather conditions‚ it is a 1.5 to 2 hours boat ride from Kalokol beach. There are numerous walking trails around the island. A hike further uphill along the trails to the highest elevation in the Island affords you the sweeping views below over the two crater lakes and majestic Lake Turkana.

  • Day 5


    Nariokotome is famous for the famed discovery of the Turkana Boy - a nearly complete skeleton of African Homo erectus dating to approximately 1.5 million years ago. Nariokotome offers much more than archaeological finds. Right on the beach‚ there is a small lagoon where flamingos and other waterfowl feed. From Nariokotome‚ you get an exceptionally good view to Northern Island. The Catholic mission station of Nariokotome often paraphrased as ‘Little Spain’ lies on a small ridge towards the Lapurr Range.

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