Refusal and Limitation of Carriage

In the reasonable exercise of our discretion, we may refuse to carry you or your Baggage if we have notified you in writing that we would not at any time after the date of such notice carry you on our flights. In this circumstance you will be entitled to a refund. We may also refuse to carry you or your Baggage if one or more of the following have occurred or we reasonably believe may occur

  1. Such action is necessary in order to comply with any applicable government laws, regulations, or orders;
  2. The carriage of you or your Baggage may endanger or affect the safety, health, or materially affect the comfort of other passengers or crew;
  3. Your mental or physical state, including your impairment from alcohol or drugs, presents a hazard or risk to yourself, to passengers, to crew, or to property;
  4. You have committed misconduct on a previous flight and we have reason to believe that such conduct may be repeated;
  5. You have refused to submit to a security check;
  6. You have not paid the applicable fare, taxes, fees or charges;
  7. You do not appear to have valid travel documents, may seek to enter a country through which you may be in transit, or for which you do not have valid travel documents, destroy your travel documents during flight or refuse to surrender your travel documents to the flight crew, against receipt, when so requested;
  8. You present a Ticket that has been acquired unlawfully, has been purchased from an entity other than us or our Authorized Agent, has been reported as being lost or stolen, or is a counterfeit, or you cannot prove that you are the person named in the Ticket;
  9. You fail to observe our instructions with respect to safety or security;
  10. You have previously committed one of the acts or omissions referred to above, and we have reason to believe that you may do so again.