Baggage Policy

No matter what you bring on your next trip, you’ll find all you need to know right here

to make your travel a lot smoother

1. Cabin/Carry-on Baggage

Getting you where you need to go with speed and comfort is all part of the Skyward experience. Depending on the fare purchased, you can bring at least one free carry-on article onboard, including an additional standard article.
Each passenger is allowed 1 piece of carry-on or cabin baggage and it should not exceed 5 Kgs and should be a standard sized cabin bag.

Note: The standard articles include; Ladies hand bag, umbrella, mobility aides , laptop bag or infant bag.

2. Size does matter

  1. In order to keep yourself on schedule, without any baggage hiccups, please make sure that your carry-on bag is smaller than the maximum size and weighs no more than 5 kilograms.
  2. All carry-on baggage must fit in the sizing units located at check-in areas in all our departure points.
  3. If your carry-on is overweight or oversized, it shall be checked-in at a fee as per the fare table provided below and applicable terms and conditions.

3. Check-In Baggage

You are allowed a generous total of 20kgs free baggage allowance per person (5kgs hand luggage and 15kgs check-in luggage). Any additional weight shall be charged at kshs. 350 per kg and will only be carried subject to space availability.

4. Mobility aids and medical devices

You can bring your mobility aid or any other assistive device at no extra charge in addition to the standard baggage allowance, as long as it’s for your personal use. This includes, but is not limited to wheelchairs, canes, crutches, walkers.
We will carry your assistive devices as priority checked baggage when stored in the cargo hold, or in the aircraft cabin where space permits.

4. Sporting Equipment

Trust your gear in our expert hands. From the recreational surfer to the avid golfer, trust Skyward to handle your equipment with the same care and respect as you would. Here’s what you need to know regarding the packing requirements and restrictions for your gear.

See guidelines below on how we handle sporting equipment

  1. Sporting equipment is counted as one piece of your checked baggage allowance unless otherwise stated.
  2. Most sporting equipment can be checked in or carried on board provided they are properly packaged and meet the size and weight restrictions. If you exceed the size and weight allowance, excess baggage fees may apply.
  3. For more information on baggage allowances and restrictions, please refer to our Checked Baggage and Carry-on Baggage sections.
  4. Some sporting equipment is restricted for safety reasons. If your equipment isn't listed on this page, please contact us to find out if it's permitted for travel with Skyward.

Packaging Instructions

Items must be suitably packed for shipping. Equipment packaged without proper protection may not be accepted for carriage.
We shall not be liable for any damage resulting from improper or inadequate packaging.

1. Bicycles

A maximum of one non-motorized single-seat bicycle and one helmet are allowed per passenger and are counted as one item towards your checked baggage allowance.
Excess baggage fees may apply accordingly.

How to pack

Skyward may refuse carriage of improperly packaged bicycles. Please take the following precautions when transporting a bike:
  • Remove pedals or fix inwards.
  • Partially deflate your tires to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Fix handlebars parallel to the frame.
  • Pack the bicycle in a recognizable bicycle box or protective hard case to protect your bike.
  • Bicycles are accepted for transport on a space available basis only.

2. Golf Equipment

Golf equipment is accepted as one piece of checked baggage. Excess baggage fees will apply for extra baggage pieces and/or weight exceeding the allowable 15Kgs

How to pack

All golf equipment must be appropriately packed in a rigid hard shell container designed for shipping. If improperly packaged, your equipment may not be accepted for carriage.

3. Fishing and boating equipment

When packed together, the following fishing equipment will count as one piece of baggage against your checked baggage allowance:

  • One fishing rod with tackle box
  • One tackle bag with reels
  • One landing net
  • One pair of fishing boots

When packed separately, each of the items will count as one piece of baggage towards your checked baggage allowance.

A fishing rod in its case is exempt from oversize and additional checked baggage fees, as long as it’s carried with a tackle box/bag. All other checked baggage rules apply

How to pack

Your fishing rod must be packed in a hard-shell fishing rod container.

4. Scuba diving equipment

You can bring one set of scuba diving equipment as part of your checked baggage.
The following will be counted as one piece of baggage:

  • Empty scuba tank* (must be presented at check-in for inspection - dangerous goods regulations apply)
  • Air supply regulator (needs to be completely disconnected from the cylinder)
  • Tank pressure gauge (pressure-sensitive devices may need special packaging; please refer to the manufacturer for advice)
  • Tank harness
  • Face mask
  • Pair of diving fins
  • Snorkel
  • Knife
  • Buoyancy control device
  • Air pistol
  • Safety vest
  • Spear gun

* Note that cylinders containing compressed air or a special gas mixture are prohibited.

There is no additional charge for scuba equipment as long as the items are within size and weight restrictions.

How to pack

We will only accept diving equipment that has been packed in a recognized kit bag and does not exceed the size and weight restrictions for checked baggage

5. Musical Instruments

Travelling with musical instruments? You can be confident that your valuable items will be well taken care of by us.

1. Take on board as carry-on baggage (Smaller, more compact instruments)

Smaller musical instruments can be taken on board as part of your free carry-on baggage allowance. They must be small enough to fit in the overhead locker, or under the seat in front of you.

2. Book a seat for your instrument (Mid-sized instruments)

Musical instruments that are larger than the permitted carry-on baggage size, e.g. a guitar, and if you wish to carry the item in the cabin, you can purchase an additional (window) seat for the instrument and normal charges and taxes will apply.

However please be aware that there is no baggage allowance associated with the additional seat purchased for the instrument.
Instruments that do not fit within Skyward allowable cabin dimensions or weight limit must be checked in as baggage.

3. Check in your musical instrument (Larger, bulkier instruments)

Larger musical equipment (including but not limited to instruments such as double bass, harps and drums) is unsuitable for carriage in the cabin and must be checked in.